Health Officials Push for More Smoke-Free Affordable Housing

By NY1 News
Tuesday, September 29, 2015 at 06:05 PM EDT

Health officials are pushing for more smoke-free affordable housing.

City Health Commissioner Dr. Mary Bassett says more people need to be protected from secondhand smoke.

She says no tenant should be allowed to endanger an entire building.

“When we make a personal choice to smoke, we shouldn’t be making the choice to expose other people to all the chemicals in the tobacco,” Bassett said.

“We know that zip codes should not determine the health outcomes of people, and where people live in their homes should also not determine their health outcomes,” said Patrick Kwan of NYC Smoke-Free.

Smoking has been banned in bars and restaurants statewide since 2003.

Last year, the smoking rate hit a record low in the city, with a little less than 14 percent of residents lighting up.


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