OneNYC Smoke-Free Housing Vision Applauded by NYC Smoke-Free

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

On April 22nd, NYC Smoke-Free at Public Health Solutions not only celebrated Earth Day, but also the inclusion of a smoke-free housing vision in Mayor Bill de Blasio’s sustainability agenda, “One New York: The Plan for a Strong and Just City.”

Known as “OneNYC,” the de Blasio administration’s blueprint and plan includes the initiative to “decrease secondhand smoke exposure in the home” in Vision 2: Healthy Neighborhoods, Active Living by working “to pass legislation requiring multi-unit housing to have a smoking policy and to disclose it to residents and prospective residents [and] will explore opportunities for the adoption of other smoke-free housing policies in New York City.”

Citing a 2014 NYC Smoke-Free citywide public opinion poll, OneNYC states: “We are already making strides to dramatically reduce [secondhand smoke]. An overwhelming majority of non-smokers (81 percent) and most smokers (53 percent) in New York City do not allow smoking in their homes. And 69 percent of New York City adults support smoke-free housing.”

In OneNYC’s official press release, NYC City Council Member Donovan Richards, Chair to the Committee on Environmental Protection and Co-Chair to the OneNYC Advisory Board, stated: “OneNYC gave the city a unique opportunity to recalibrate and to set ambitious but attainable goals. From legislation to limit unnecessary nighttime illumination, advising new housing developments to be smoke free, building the infrastructure to support and charge electric vehicles and updating the air code, a number of bills will set key legislative standards citywide.”

“Smoke-free housing is a matter of health equity, public health, and environmental justice,” said Patrick Kwan, Director of NYC Smoke-Free at Public Health Solutions. “We applaud Mayor de Blasio’s administration and Council Member Donovan Richards for recognizing that everyone deserves to breathe clean, smoke-free air in their homes. Smoke-free housing should not be just for the wealthy and privileged, but should be available to those living in affordable or public housing, so that they too can live in safe, healthy environments.”

Earlier in the year, NYC Smoke-Free encouraged New Yorkers to share their hopes and ideas for a smoke-free city with OneNYC planners. New Yorkers can continue to submit their ideas here.

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